Thursday, September 24, 2015


Clyde is back.   In our September painting class I chose Clyde again for our study project.  He has turned out to be quite cooperative - a good study for form and we don't have to worry too much about mixing color.  This turned out to be a good way to learn about building form by color by shape by value.  Stroke by stroke.
"Clyde" is an actor in a local movie producer's  film about "Bonnie and Clyde"  whose photo I made at the Selma Pilgrimage a few years ago.
At left is my first sketch to use for the first class on figures
Look at what the painters did:
Carrie chose to use negative space and precise but energetic palette knife work for her study.Values are right on, and he has that gentlemanly stance.

below:    Charlotte captured the gesture very well with excellent value control,and started to "carve" a background before our time ran out.   

Karen kept the values all through the stages and learned
more about keeping more paint on the brush.  He has
quite the gesture.  

Raye got the vote for most dramatic sketch.  Values right on, gesture  and form looks like he is still moving.  And she learned about integrating the 
background with juicy rich paint confidently reforming shapes.  

this is as far as I made it on our demo painting sketch for the class.  I was glad we learned something instead of going for a finished painting.   

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