Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flagrant Copying

Have you ever copied the masters paintings?   Bet some of you have been to the Amsterdam museum that owns this one.    This one is my demo for our monthly class with the subject of copying the famous ones to learn something about their methods.      
The title is Restaurant at... (something I can't spell) by Van Gogh 1887.   This seemed to be one of the easiest ones to figure out! Ha!
Among the many things to figure out - what paints will be like what he used?  brushes? application?  The class liked the warm sunny look and all tried to add the table except me.      There is so much to discover and admire of Van Gogh, and his compositon without the table  just doesn't sing.   
here is my photo of Van Gogh's painting.........notice those lines used for making shadows:

Inline image 1


  1. Hi Robin,
    I DO like your version of the Van Gogh. The colors, strokes and shapes are beautiful.
    It's funny - I didn't really like much of his work before, but now that I am sketching and painting all the time, I find I really appreciate his paintings and drawings so much.

  2. Robin, this study is very cool--something I have not tried to do yet. Is it difficult to copy a painting from a photo? I think I would rather use a painting I could visit off and on to study in person. As always, I have very much enjoyed a tour of your recent posts. You have had a busy summer with the exhibit and your teaching--hope it was all delightful (and profitable) for you; I know those lucky enough to attend found it fun and rewarding.